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OpusLex is a full-service legal recruiting firm. We place attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals on a direct-hire, contract-to-hire and project basis with law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the country.


Q: Is your agreement exclusive?

A: our contingency and temporary service agreements are not exclusive.

Q: Do you only place attorneys? Or only paralegals and staff?

A: We are a full-service legal recruiting and staffing firm, and place attorneys, paralegals and staff on a direct-hire, contract-to-hire and contract / project basis.

Q: Can you help me with offices outside of Atlanta? If so, will I have to work with someone in another office?

A: We are structured to serve you on a national level, for both direct-hire and contract services. Regardless of the location of your need, you can continue to work with your established point-of-contact.

Q: What makes you different from the other agencies I’ve worked with in the past?

A: We are a team comprised of mature professionals who continue to choose this business year after year. You need not worry that you’ll experience excessive turnover of account executives or recruiters, which can sometimes be typical in the staffing and recruiting industry. Additionally, our respective networks, which we’ve spent decades developing, give us an immediate advantage for finding the perfect fit for your need. Finally, we are lean, nimble and flexible to your needs. We are not bound by rigid structures of contract versus direct-hire or regional territories like other agencies. We are here to serve you to the best of our ability.

Q: Where do you source your candidates?

A: We first look to our immediate networks and proprietary database of highly specialized candidates and conduct immediate outreach to these familiar contacts, seeking direct interest as well as referrals. Our second course of outreach may include utilizing various technology platforms to find new candidates, creating customized and targeted advertisements for your role, and networking with specific industry organizations targeted to your role.


Q: How do you get paid? Will your services cost me anything?

A: Our services are paid for by our clients – law firms and corporations – and are free to candidates.

Q: I would like to work with you, but should I still apply to jobs on my own?

A: Great to hear! We find that our most successful candidate / recruiter relationships are ones with total transparency and aligned efforts. We always recommend checking with us first if you see a posted role that interests you – we may have a great contact at the organization, which is far more beneficial than going into an applicant tracking system on your own. However, we won’t get business from everyone, and we’ll let you know if you are better off applying on your own.

Q: Can I work with other recruiters as well?

A: You certainly can, but we recommend working with as few as possible. Engaging a committed, well-networked recruiter will reap dividends for your job search, and shouldn’t leave you needing to work with too many consultants. One or two streamlined and transparent relationships is typically sufficient.

Q: Will you call me before submitting my resume?

A: Absolutely. We will never submit your resume without your permission.

Q: Are our conversations confidential?

A: 100%. This is our business, our reputation, and your career – and we don’t take any of those responsibilities lightly.